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Allow me to help you create your dream space!

Meet & Greet consult - $ 99

Let's take 60-90 minutes to get to know a little about each other and your project.  While we walk your space and discuss your challenges and goals, I’ll give you some ideas and feedback. We will review any inspiration images you have and then I will get a few measurements and photos.  In 5 business days I will provide you with a scope of work and a quote for design services.

design services

Creating a space is as unique as you are.  It’s my priority to help you create a design within your budget, select products with function and form in mind, and partner with necessary trades to get the project completed.

I offer multi-level services to fit your individual needs:

design plans & BUDGETING 

Designer provides space planning, 3D renderings, plans and elevations and a scope of work.  All measurements to be site verified upon construction.  Optional add on of decorative material cost estimates.

Full Service Design

Designer provides drawings, renderings, & specifications as well as all product sourcing and ordering, and design management during pre-construction and construction.


Hourly Rate : 

Designer is available at an hourly rate for design & consulting. (Minimums may apply.) Can also be added to design plan package to meet specific client needs, based upon availability.

home sale staging consulting

Need to sell your home?  Let me help you work with what you have, or create a budget to get it ready to attract buyers.

*Updated 2/2023

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what to know & Frequently asked questions


How do I get started?

-First, call or email me to discuss your project and we can set up a Meet & Greet Consultation.  

-In the time prior to your consultation gather inspiration images or materials to make the most of our consult.

-If you will need a Contractor, start talking to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about referrals. is a great platform for local referrals.  I also have a few contractors that I work with often, but may have a longer lead time for availbility. 

Why do I need a Meet & Greet Consultation?

A Meet & Greet Consultation gives both the client and designer a chance to meet each other, discuss the project goals, share design ideas, review inspiration images, get basic measurements and photos and understand the vision for the project.  It also allows the designer to determine the scope of the project for scheduling purposes.  After the Meet & Greet you will receive a quote for design services and detailed scope of work to review.  

Why does a Meet & Greet Consultation cost $99 ?

With the consultation you will receive an hour to hour and a half of my time, and as we discuss your space I will offer some some initial problem solving and design ideas.  It also takes time to compose a scope of work and put together a customized quote for your project.

 How much time should I expect for the design process, and what does it look like?

This varies greatly based on the project and availability.

I typically BOOK 4-6 WEEKS OUT for a consultation (and often more), and UP TO 6-9 MONTHS OUT for new design work, so if you are interested in scheduling you'll want to get it set up in advance.

The CONSULTATION process is about 5 business days.  First is the in-home Meet & Greet Consult where we will discuss your project, budget and timeframe, brainstorm some design ideas and take measurements and photos.  Then I will provide you with a scope of work and a quote for design services based on what we discuss.

IF YOU ARE READY TO MOVE FORWARD with the design process we will discuss what level of design services suits your needs, look at timing and sign a contract.  

SCHEDULING the design & renovation start are dependent on designer, contractor and client availability.  It is not wise to rush the start of a project as it will usually end up taking longer and costing more due to limited in-stock product availability, expedited shipping, project delays waiting on product, etc.

For a KITCHEN OR BATHROOM RENOVATION expect 4-12 weeks in the design phase, an additional 4-12 weeks in the ordering, receiving and waiting phase prior to the construction start.  This allows for cabinets and other special order items to be sourced, spec'd, ordered and arrive or be in transit before the construction begins.  Depending on the scope of the project a typical kitchen or bathroom takes 4 -12 weeks for completion, and more if structural elements and permits are involved.

*Updated 3/2022


Each project is unique, so it is challenging to provide one set cost.  Please contact me directly to discuss the options.

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