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The best compliment you can give is a referral.

Christina Hayslip is terrific!!  We did a major renovation of our home in 2021 (the kitchen, 2 bathrooms, flooring, 2 stairways, 2 bookcases, door hardware, paint, and baseboards). We hired Christina to help us and are so glad we did!  She is wonderful to work with—smart, talented, patient, and very responsive.  From major design issues in our house to small details, Christina drew on her exceptional experience to help us make wise choices that would add value. She went to a variety of showrooms with us, developed renderings of design options, expanded our thinking on updates and improvements, recommended contractors, ordered materials, and made discounts available. With her guidance, our home has been beautifully transformed and updated. We highly recommend her and plan to hire her again when we renovate our basement level.  No question, she is top-notch (5 stars out of 5)! 
-C.M. | Client  | Main Floor and Master Remodel  2021

When we looked at our 1977 Hutchinson split level and decided to put in an offer, I told my husband I wanted to be on the 5 year plan to remodel the kitchen. The entire floor was 3 rooms with a galley style kitchen, a formal living area and formal dining area. My husband and I both enjoy preparing meals, drinks and entertaining a house full of friends. With two small children, the space wasn't ideal for our lifestyle.

When we decided to remodel, Christina was our first call and through the entire year long project, she has remained steadfast, professional, goal oriented, a problem solver, a creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. She had experience with our model and floor plan and her confidence that we could make the changes we desired was reassuring. She didn't shudder when I told her I wanted green cabinetry! She supported our aesthetic vision and validated my detail choices while offering alternatives in the same design family. She gave us realistic information about our budget and made our appliance budget fit the 36in range I had my heart set on. She was a requisite liaison to all vendors including appliances, cabinetry and made time to meet with me and multiple contractors before settling on one that would execute our design. She worked to expedite deliveries as best as possible and supported getting the best pricing possible. She ensured we stayed on time as best she could given the environment of backorders and shortages. We had everything on site (save appliances) when it was time to begin construction. She was always on top of things and communicated when the timeline would need to be adjusted based on circumstances out of our control.

When it finally came time to demo and install, she literally project managed the entire thing as we slugged through the process with a disappointing contractor experience. She answered literally hundreds of phone calls and questions from our contractor that arguably were outside her scope and should have been something the contractor was equipped to troubleshoot. Her depth of experience shined during this time. She collaborated professionally in a situation that was beyond frustrating. She was a valued sounding board and when asked offered her professional opinion on next steps always leaving the final decision and her support in our hands. We could not have done this project without her!

Our final product is stunning. And after a year of planning, 3 months of living without a functioning kitchen, she continues to hold my decision fatigued hand providing guidance on styling and finishing the design.

I would recommend Christina and Design Wise to anyone for any project. Her service was the best money spent on our entire project and I will use her for any projects that pop up in our future.

-Hutchinson Kitchen Remodel | Client  | Tri-Level Main Floor/Kitchen Remodel  2021

Social Media Recommendation: "Brag post! I have to give a big shout out to fellow Lady P, Christina Hayslip. As many of you know, she is an interior designer. Never in my dreams did I think I would be able to have a designer come into my home and give me vision and ideas...until I met Christina! She is approachable, affordable and soooo kind! My house is basically 10 years of piecing things together as I buy them. It is not cohesive and it has zero 'style'. What Christina presented me with last week blew my mind. She nailed my style (without much direction) and gave me so many ideas that I am SO excited about. Mainly because they are totally doable, incorporate some furniture pieces I already have, and don't break the bank. I cannot recommend Christina enough if you need a little (or big) makeover, 1 room or your whole house. I cannot wait to keep working with her!"
-Jackie M. | Client  & Fellow Networking Group Member | Main Floor, Master Bedroom & Office decor consultation

Green Mountain Recommendation: "We used Design Wise last fall to plan and manage a complete remodel of both bathrooms, plus replacement of the flooring in the kitchen and entryway. Christina was an absolute dream to work with, and it all turned out beautifully! Check out the pictures on the website, we're still amazed every day that this is our home. (scroll down to "W Alameda Pkwy")

-Robin M. | Client | Master & Guest Bathroom renovation

Facebook Review: "Very highly recommended; Christina is incredibly talented and professional, and we are so happy with our kitchen remodel! She helped us every step of the way, from her detailed 3D design renderings, to sourcing materials, to going with me to pick out the best products, to working with the contractors on placement, among endless things that she’s done throughout the project to ensure a fantastic finished product. My kitchen looks like a magazine page! We love her work, and her as a person , so much that I can’t wait to get her back over to plan more projects! Her knowledge of design and function as good as, if not better than, the designers you see on HGTV, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up with a design show someday, too."

-Tracie Mucha | Client | Kitchen and Dining Room renovation

Green Mountain Recommendation: "Degreed interior designer Christina Hayslip lives right in our neighborhood and she is THE BEST! She did my entire first floor including the kitchen and I love the results. Reasonably priced and so much fun to work with. You will love her."

-Debra Hansen | Client | Kitchen and Main floor renovation

Green Mountain Recommendation: "I used Christina Hayslip. She helped me with the design. Easy to work with. Gave me lots of options. Helped where I wanted and stepped back when I didn't. I moved a door and window and removed a wall. I was clueless what my kitchen could become. I absolutely love it!"

-Tamara Bilewski | Client | Multiple Kitchen Design Consultations

Green Mountain Recommendation: "Please connect with Christina Hayslip who's also active on this site and lives in the GM area. Her company is called Design Wise. She did an amazing job from all aspects, is very professional, creative, and uses time well. She was a joy to work with. She designed our kitchen remodel which completed just a couple months ago. You can see before and after photos of in her portfolio on her website, along with other projects. "

-Julie Noone | Client | Kitchen Design and Main floor renovation

"Christina Hayslip gave me an hour and a half consultation. It was such a wonderful help! I love that Christina will work with you at whatever level you are ready. You can choose to work on 1 room at a time, have her design your whole house or get ideas from her that you do yourself. She will work with you and customize her services to your current needs. Christina helped me with my home and also did the decor for our whole office. It looks beautiful. I highly recommend Christina and her services for anyone at any budget!"

-Vonda Downs | Client | Design Consultation

"Working with Christina was always memorable. Her skill as a designer was always grounded in professionalism. She was one of only a handful of employees I have had in my career that consistently showed talent, and provided confidence and excellence in her job. Her clean aesthetic and commitment to executing what the client wants always gave me unwavering confidence in the projects she was working on for me."

-Jodi Feinhor-Dennis | Personal/Character reference | Former Employer

"Christina is our go-to person for all design. She is very creative and has an eye for what works. Christina helped us design our bathroom remodel as well as our kitchen up-do. We have a very small house and she has been a great help in figuring out ways to maximize our space both for function and appearance! We highly recommended Christina and Design Wise and wouldn’t go with anyone else!"

-The Berhost's | Client & Personal/Character reference | Design Consulting

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